Donate today to help provide sponsorship opportunities for BJJ Master women competitors. All proceeds go to fund competition- related expenses, e.g., travel, lodging, registration fees. 


TAP is a non-profit organization* dedicated to supporting master-aged women (age 30+) in their growth and development as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) athletes. The organization helps these athletes gain access to fair competitions, provides sponsorships for major BJJ tournaments, and offers low-cost opportunities to compete.

Prior to the 2018 Pan Championship sponsored by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF), master-aged women were not given the same opportunities as men to compete in fair age divisions at competitions except at the Masters World Championship.

TAP’s founders, Black Belt Carlos Melo and his Master 5 (age 50-55) Brown Belt student Karen Peters, set out to change that inequality by raising awareness and petitioning the IBJJF to add women’s master-aged divisions. With the overwhelming support of the BJJ community, their efforts resulted in an unprecedented decision by the IBJJF just weeks before the 2018 Pan Championship to add Master 2-7 Women’s Divisions.

Despite the tight deadline, Peters effectively rallied support for participation among the women’s BJJ community by creating a Facebook Group. The numbers in the group climbed as excitement spread, and the women became increasingly determined to get as many competitors as possible to the Pan Championship. Ultimately, the community inspired 160 Master 2-7 women to compete at the event, and many of those participants obtained financial sponsorship within the group.

The 2018 Pan Championship proved to be a historical event that changed the course of women’s BJJ, and TAP was born out of the spirit that made those changes possible. Today, TAP is committed to providing ongoing support for BJJ master-aged women athletes and demonstrating that, together, we are a powerful force.

*501(c)3 federal tax exemption pending.

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