Donate today to help provide sponsorship opportunities for BJJ Master women competitors. Contribute as little as $5 or as much as you want, and even make your contributions monthly.

All proceeds go to fund competition- related expenses, e.g., travel, lodging, registration fees.

YOU WILL RECEIVE A PATCH WITH A DONATION OF $15 OR MORE. Just email us your address and indicate you’d like a patch. All proceeds go towards sponsorship for Master women.

*Due to high demand for Master Worlds we are running out of patches. We will re-order soon. Please email us with your address and we will be sure to get you a patch.


We believe everyone who wishes to compete in Jiu Jitsu deserves the opportunity to compete in affordable competitions and in fair age divisions. Fairness and affordability are often challenges, especially for older female athletes.

TAP is devoted to helping Master women compete by offering sponsorship for registration, travel, lodging, and other related expenses. We recognize that fair and populated age divisions are difficult to find, but the expenses of getting to the competitions can act as a deterrent for many potential competitors.  

Together, as a  BJJ community, we can support our Master women in ways we can’t as individuals. As individuals we can pitch in, give what we can, participate in functions and fundraisers and then add our contributions together so as to provide opportunities to our Master women who would otherwise not be able to compete in major tournaments. In doing so we all win, our hands are raised in collective victory, as we make this great art available to those who have the desire to compete. BJJ changes lives and communities.  Join us as we take this journey together as a leading edge community. 

Please note that TAP is a nonprofit corporation that has not yet become federally tax exempt 501(c)3. All proceeds go to support Master Women competitors. 

Donations are now being accepted. Stay tuned for upcoming sponsorship opportunities, fundraisers and other activities.

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